Mini Symposia

Special Highlights of the Conference

It is our pleasure to inform you that the following special academic activities are arranged by the organizers to serve to the academic appetite and interest of the students and delegates.

Mini Symposiums:-
There will be few ‘mini symposia’ on novel emerging topics of Radiological Physics as part of the conference. Limited seats are only available for this. Renowned faculty from esteemed institutes will be facilitating the mini symposiums. The symposiums will cover topics of Radiation Biology, Quality Assurance (QA), Radiation Protection, TG reports, Radiomics of cancer, Molecular Imaging and advanced techniques in diagnostics and therapy.This will be a golden opportunity to learn and refresh. The diverse interests of Medical Physicists in the challenging modern healthcare system will be catered with these ‘mini symposiums’.

For Mini Symposium proposals, view Mini Symposium Proposal Form

Mini Symposia

No. Topic Presented by Symposium Co-ordinator
1. Practical application of Moodle for e-learning courses in Medical Physics Dr. Vassilka Tabakova ———
2. Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  1. Preparing Medical Physicists for future leadership roles
  2. Leadership and Entrepreneurship: A Medical Physicist’s Perspective
Dr. Carmel J. Caruana

Dr. Arabinda K. Rath

Dr. Carmel J Caruana
3. The Evolving Posture Of Medical Physics As A Dression: Medical Physics 3.0 Dr. Melissa Martin ———
4. Future of medical physics and interaction with other sciences Dr.Kiyonari Inamura ———
5. Affordable therapy technologies

  1. The need for affordable technologies based on CMC, Vellore Experience
  2. Project Introduction and a Compensator based IMRT for cobalt and linac.
  3. Principles of design for affordable technologies
  4. Cobalt treatments are still relevant in a LINACs world : A MR guided Co 60 machine perspective
  5. Programmatic Support for the development of Indigenous technologies in cancer
Dr. Paul Ravindran
Dr. Govinda Rajan
Dr. Eric Ford
Dr. Lakshmi Santanam
Dr. Badodkar
Dr. Eric Ford
6. Physics of Medical Isotope Production Dr. R Chary ———
7. Radiation incidents and accidents in medicine

  1. 1.Incidents and accidents in CT and interventional Radiology
  2. Incidents and accidents in Nuclear Medicine
  3. Incidents and accidents in Radiotherapy
Dr. S. D. Sharma
Dr. Pankaj Tandon
Dr. G. A. Zakaria
Dr. John Damilakis
8. New Developments in Photon Brachytherapy

  1. 1.Dosimetric Challenges of Photon Brachytherapy in Terms of Absorbed Dose to Water
  2. New Developments in Image based Gynaecological Brachytherapy
Dr. G A Zakaria
Dr.Hasin AnupamaAzhari
Dr. G A Zakaria
9. Radionuclide Imaging

  1. Hybrid Imaging: Applications of PET-MRI in Neurodegenerative Disorders
  2. Importance of Quality Control in Nuclear Medicine
  3. Optimization of Radiation Safety and Exposures in Nuclear Medicine
  4. Role of Molecular Imaging in Oncology with special reference to radiation oncology
Dr.Nand K Relan
Dr.Subhash Kheruka
Dr. Pankaj Tandon
Dr. JK Bhagat
Dr. Nand K Relan
10. Latest CT Technologies in Japan

  1. Latest performance evaluation of X-ray CT
  2. Latest CT scanning technologies in Japan
Dr. Katsumi Tsujioka
Dr. Koichi Sugisawa
Dr. Katsumi Tsujioka
11. Radiobiophotonics Dr. Rao Papineni
Dr. Carmel Mothersill
Dr. Rao Papineni
12. Normal Tissue Protection- A Firewall Dr. Steen Pedersen
Dr. Shahid Umar
Dr. Colin Semour
Dr. Rao Papineni
13. Challenges of Advanced Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy: Treatment Planning and Delivery System

  1. Moving from gamma passing rates to patient DVH-based online plan verification
  2. Monte Carlo methods asadvanced quality assurance forspecial treatment situations
Dr. Andreas Block
Dr. Wolfgang Baus
Dr. G A Zakariya
14. Current status of the breast cancer and importance of the mammographic screening andquality control of the mammography

  1. Overview of the breast cancer and mammographic status in Asia and in Japan
  2. The guideline of quality control for Screening mammography in Japan3.Vision for mammography in the digital era
Dr. Tokiko Endo
Dr. Hiroko Nishide
Dr. Yoshie Kodera
Dr. SalavikTabacov
  1. New Aspects of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology and Imaging
  2. Stereotactical treatment of livertumors.
Dr. G A Zakaria
Dr. WolfgangBaus
Dr. G A Zakaria
16. The mini-symposium on DRLs

  1. Establishing and monitoring DRLs
  2. The current situation of doseand DRLs for radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations
  3. The current situation of dose and DRLs for CT
MPS Mann Satish Uniyal
Dr. Roshan Livingstone
Dr. John Damilakis
17. MDCT: Physics and Dosimetry

  1. Physics and basic technology of CT
  2. CT dosimetry
  3. Techniques for dose optimization in CT
Dr. Mahadevappa Mahesh
Dr. AjaiSrivastva
Dr. Roshan Livingstone
Dr. John Damilakis
18. Medical Physics Training and Education Collaboration among both Regional Organizations

  1. Advances of Radiation Therapy Treatment in MEFOMP Countries
  2. Medical Physics Education and Training in MEFOMP Countries
  3. Radiation Safety and Regulatory Authorities in MEFOMP
  4. The Perspective in Development of Medical Physics in AFOMP Region:
  5. A Brief History of Medical Physics in Asia-Oceania
  6. The Status of Education and Training of Medical Physicists in the AFOMP Region
Dr. RabihHammoud
Dr. Ibrahim Duhaini
Dr. Laila Al Balooshi
Dr. Tae Suk Suh
Dr. Howell Round
Dr. Kwan Hoong Ng
Dr. Howell Round
Dr. Ibrahim Duhaini